Ecoball is designed with VPoS, DAO and a multi-layer mechanism

Vote Proof of Stake

Vote Proof of Stake (VPoS) extends the PoS model to allow individuals to stake tokens on potential validators (candidates). Candidates who collect most tokens have greater opportunities of being elected to be validators. Once blocks are successfully created, rewards will be shared by the validators and the staking entities (voters).

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

DAO is a smart contract algorithm. All financial transactions, rules, and decisions are enacted and stored on the blockchain, creating a transparent and verifiable record. Rules are initially set forth in smart contracts, and members (participating token holders) act according to the rules to further the goals of the organization.

Multi-layer architecture

Ecoball's architecture includes a core layer, an adaptation layer, and a business layer. The core layer encapsulates basic components of encryption and decryption algorithm, account address management, P2P network components, consensus mechanism libraries, state machines, virtual machines, etc. ; the adaptation layer provides APIs, Dapps use the API to obtain Ecoball blockchain services; the business layer provides a Dapp development platform for quick Dapp development.

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