The EcoSeed Grant

We are constantly looking for great ideas and builders to collaborate and innovate in building a vibrant ecosystem.

The EcoSeed grant offer: 10,000,000 ECO.

Project preference: GameFi and DeFi projects.

Propose your projects to us, receive up to 500K ECO startup fund.


  1. Projects that are currently under development and will integrate the Ecoball chain.

  2. Projects that are running on other networks but are looking to integrate the Ecoball chain.


  1. Submit your project proposal/whitepaper to:

  2. Project review by the Ecoball team.

  3. Selected project team will be contacted and discuss with details.

  4. Project onboard on predetermined date.


  1. Projects must benefit the wider ECO and Ecoball ecosystem.

  2. Projects must eventually be open-sourced.

  3. Projects that are previously developed or are incorporated with other major blockchains will be evaluated with priority.

Funding details:

  1. Each selected project will be funded with a minimal of 300K ECO, quality projects will be funded with a maximum of 500K ECO. Special projects with super quality may be funded more, but the quota is limited.

  2. The EcoSeed is joint-funded by Ecoball marketing fund and the Ecoball Foundation.

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