The EcoBridge is a function to interact with assets and data between external blockchains and Ecoball blockchains, allowing users to transfer assets between EVM compatible chains, improving scalabilit

EcoBridge currently supports cross-chain from Binance Smart Chain to Ecoball. Support for Ethereum and other chains will be live soon.

Below is a workflow chart of Binance Smart Chain crosses chain to the Ecoball chain:


To use the bridge function, you must first install a web-based or desktop digital wallet. For details, see Connect Your Wallet.

  1. Open the chain bridge page: as shown below:

2. Click the 'connect' button, the select wallet page is displayed as shown below:

3. Select MetaMask wallet to enter the cross-chain bridge page, as shown below:

4. Select the tokens to cross the chain and add them if they are not on the list:

5. MetaMask authorization is required for unlocking on the original chain. Click confirm button for authorization, as shown in the figure below:

6. After unlocking, click the 'Transfer' button to Transfer the Token, as shown below:

7. If you need to confirm asset transfer, a confirmation dialog box is displayed, as shown in the following:

8. After confirming the Token transfer, MetaMask wallet will be called again for authorization, as shown below:

9. After authorization, the system immediately transfers the cross-chain assets, which needs to wait for the confirmation of several blocks. Depending on the network condition, it generally takes several minutes, as shown in the figure below:

After sufficient block confirmations, the tokens on the original chain are converted into tokens on the target chain.

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