Ecoball distincts itself from other blockchains.

Low processing fee and high TPS

The VPoSDAO (VPoS+DAO) model verifies transactions and confirms transactions with high speed, low cost and high efficiency. Compared with the expensive gas fee of Ethereum, the gas fee of Ecoball is almost negligible, meanwhile TPS can go over 100,000.

High security and scalability

The VPoSDAO algorithm helps to prevent various attacks, meanwhile the excellent bottom-layer technical architecture design enables strong scalability and an easy to build upper-layer applications. Find out the how-so details in the technical document.

Native support for cross-chain protocols

Cross-chain bridge is an important infrastructure in the age of value Internet. Ecoball blockchain has a built-in cross-chain bridge, native cross-chain mechanism is supported and it is committed to connect all assets in the blockchain, making a vision to promote the prosperity of blockchain ecology.

Compatible with Ethereum EVM

Ecoball is fully compatible with the Ethereum EVM. Solidity developers can write smart contracts, issue digital assets, design DeFi applications on Ecoball. EVM-compatible applications can also be migrated to the Ecoball chain seamlessly.

Smart contract platform

Smart contracts are codes that automatically process business logic on the blockchain, which can effectively reduce the cost of trust in business transactions, help promote the establishment and development of a new generation of business models, and provide important technical guarantees for people to enter the intelligent era. The smart contract of the Ecoball blockchain is fully compatible with Ethereum, and the smart contract code written for Ethereum can be easily transplanted.

Collaborative smart contract development

Ecoball smart contract SDK modularization and smart contract formal verification technologies greatly reduce the threshold for developers. Meanwhile Ecoball provides solutions on tokenomics, domain name services, distributed storage services, etc.

Dapp development platform

As a decentralized application platform, Ecoball can support a large number of decentralized applications. Ecoball provides a variety of programming interfaces to developers, including RESTful API and SDK for various major programming languages.

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